Ways to lose weight quickly

ways to lose weight quickly

The question everyone asks when starting a diet is, ”Will I have to cut out my favorite foods? ” To get ripped fast, most people think they’re going to eat nothing but chicken breasts, egg whites and broccoli forever to reach their goals. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with RCB. Sure, if you follow one of those bland, generic programs you’ll eat foods you don’t enjoy or have never eaten before. Using the Ripped Cut Buff program, you eat your favorite foods while getting ripped fast.

Let's take a look at the simple facts you need to put this plan into action. To get ripped fast, you must create a calorie deficit. Simply put, you burn more calories than you consume. You supply fewer calories to the body than it needs to maintain itself, at which point, the body uses body fat for fuel. Okay, but what about those high-calorie foods - your 'favorite foods'.

You're going to have some difficulty reaching the calorie deficit level if you don’t make some simple changes to your diet. Your body fights you hard when you cut back on calories. While you want that calorie deficit, your body prefers more calories. For your body, which is comfortable at the “slightly over fat” level, it wants higher calorie intake so that there's no threat to its survival – a throwback to prehistoric times. When you go on that diet, and all of a sudden the body is deprived of excess calories, immediately, the body shifts gears and takes action against you.

The metabolism slows so you burn off fat even slower than before. You’re frustrated. You're eating less food than before and weight loss slows. Obviously not quite what you were going for, is it? Along with a slowed metabolism, the body experiences extreme feelings of hunger - cravings for all those 'favorite foods'.

In turn, dieting requires ever-increasing amounts of will power until your will power simply runs out. So what's the solution? The solution is to indulge in your favorite foods again. Typically, those favorite foods you eat are high in calories as well as high in carbs. As soon as the body senses those two foods being consumed, it “decides” it's no longer facing that threat to its survival and you’re metabolic rate increases.

Then, when you switch to your lower calorie diet again, your body maintains a faster, more efficient metabolism. The result? You lose body fat again. So by alternating periods of dieting with periods of eating your favorite foods, you'll actually get ripped faster! When You Time Your Eating Correctly, High Calorie Foods Boost Fat Loss Here's how to get ripped quickly and still eat your favorite foods.

When you start a diet your body isn't going to feel a threat to survival. Give yourself two weeks. That's how long it typically takes to register what's going on and for the body to really feel that fuel shortage. Once you're at the point where you feel the need to eat those higher calorie, 'favorite' foods again, perform more reps at a faster pace. This will fully use up all the stored energy in the muscle cells so as soon as you do eat that high calorie food, it’s stored in the muscles again.

This reduces the chance that you gain fat while eating your favorite foods. Finally, now that it's time to eat those favorite foods, do your best to choose foods that are slightly lower in fat. When you eat high-carb foods rather than high-fat foods on high-calorie days you see better results. Since the body needs more carbs at this point (carbs signal the metabolism to speed up and help refill muscle stores of energy) that's the focus. Pasta, bagels, cereal, pancakes and similar foods are excellent choices for high-carb meals.

Follow these tips to get ripped fast and still enjoy your favorite foods. Don't start a diet that completely restricts favorite foods. For more tips and suggestions on how to get ripped fast , please consult the Ripped Cut Buff manual.

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